Hearing that our economy is down and unemployment levels are through the roof, is nothing new. The last few years so many businesses had to close their doors and retrench their staff. So with work being scarce, it implies that we have to improve our own educational qualifications and knowledge by studying, too become the best candidate for a specific job.


Your best option is to improve your education by studying. Studying and having an accredited qualification will drastically increase your chances at getting a job you want to apply for. The employer can then see that you are educated in the relevant work area. Having a past education will make you a better asset towards the business.

There is a direct link between the level of education and starting salary. If you want to earn a better salary then you will have to improve your education.  But studying does no just increase your average salary. By having certain qualifications and skills, it will reduce your chances of getting retrenched and even improve your chances of getting a promotion and keeping your job. Find out more on improving your studies here 

Scarce Skills Will Get You A Job And A Career

Last Updated: March 6th, 2017