strike2017 is already off to a shaky start for South African universities, with UNISA starting the year by striking. Campuses are being blocked and the relevant Unions have announced a full blown strike will start from Thursday the 16th of January. among some of their grievances are the fact that in their opinion UNISA has wasted over 1-00 million Rand on an unusable student registration system as well as UNISA’s refusal to give workers a 6% wage increases. “Union members said they were angered by the university management reducing their offer from 6% to 4,5% during a CCMA facilitation to resolve the issues on Tuesday. They also felt that UNISA wasted money (more than R100 million) on an IT system for student registrations in 2017. According to them, the system is not usable. And the money should have been used to pay staff better.”

Rocky start indeed! Find out more about this hot topic issue here: Academic Year off to a shaky start for SA universities.

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Last updated: January 30th, 2017