Starting a Career with ICB Accredited Courses

Starting a new career can be just a daunting as trying to get promoted in your current career. Many people struggle to find work in the current economy, and oftentimes, promotion opportunities are scarce. Being well prepared for a career beyond the interview or promotion is more important than ever. Studying Accredited courses from the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB) can help you make the most of your next opportunity.

Career options

The ICB Courses are tailored to prepare you for certain career opportunities. They have grouped their courses into 5 different career streams based on where you want your career to progress to. Each of the 5 programmes provide you with a National Diploma after completing the final level of the programme.

ICB Study Streams

The 5 streams offered by the ICB are as follows:

Each level of the courses qualifies you for a higher career position, which means your career opportunities grow as your studies progress. With the option to study while you are working, it becomes possible to progress through your career much more easily. This is as a result of learning how to do the work required for higher positions before you actually reach them.

Studying while you work gives you the unique opportunity to better understand your role in the business. It also gives you insight into how your work is related to the responsibilities of your superiors. The ability to demonstrate this understanding will show your current managers that you are capable of taking on the work they currently have.

Accredited Courses

The ICB Accredited courses are checked and updated regularly by the Quality Council for Trades and Occupations. The are reviewed every 3 years and updated, changed or replaced as needed. This ensure that all of the information you receive in your courses is up to date and relevant in today’s business environment.

ICB Accredited Courses can also only be provided by institutions registered with the DHET. This ensures that you can always check that your ICB qualification is being offered by a legitimate college or university. The ICB has of 500 DHET registered institutions offering their courses. Where and how you want to study depends entirely on who you choose as your course provider.

Course Levels

All the courses are split into multiple levels. Each level completed provides you with a qualification which is recognised in its related industry. This means you can start applying for jobs as soon as you have completed even a single level of any of the available programmes.

The ICB Accredited Courses start at NQF Level 3 (certificate level) and progress all the way up NQF Level 6 (National Diploma Level). Many of the course levels have overlapping subjects, which means it is possible to switch to a different stream in between certain levels of certain programmes. Because of the overlapping subjects, any of the work you may need to catch up for your qualification won’t be as much.

Study without matric

Because the courses start at NQF L3, you don’t need matric to start studying an ICB Accredited Course. You only need to be at least 16 years old with grade 10 completed and the ability to read and write in english. You can use the NQF L3 Junior Bookkeeping course to bridge the gap in your entry requirements for other programmes.

The ICB has done everything in its power to ensure that as many people as possible have access to their courses. Regardless of who you are, how much time you have during the day, or whether you finished matric or not. The ICB has made it possible to study their courses through various colleges. Whether you study full-time, part-time, or via distance learning, making it possible for you to further your career with their qualifications.