N5 Management Assistant: National Certificate

The N5 Management Assistant course is the second course to complete. In this course, you will add on to the skills that you’ve gained in the N4 course. You’ll learn more on how to effectively communicate, focus on other computer skills and adding on to office practice. The N5 course is the halfway mark of achieving the Management Assistant Diploma.

N5 Management Assistant Course Information


National Certificate: N5 Management Assistant

Accredited by:

Quality Council for Trades and Occupations (QCTO) – our accreditation is currently pending.

Award issued by:

Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) on behalf of QCTO

NQF level:

National Qualifications Framework (NQFlevel 05




4 – There are three internal assignments you can do at your own pace, and one exam set by the DHET.

Exam opportunities:
There are two exam opportunities.
May/June and October/November

Registration Period:
February – May/June exam
August – October/November exam

NOTE: External fees are not covered by your course fees. As this exam is an external exam you will have to pay an additional exam fee to write it. 

Course duration:

12 months

Entrance criteria:

National Certificate: N4 Management Assistant

Subjects n5 management assistant

You will do the following subjects:

  • Communication N5
  • Office Practice N5
  • Information Processing N5
  • Computer Practice N5.



When you have completed the course, you will receive the National Certificate N5 Management Assistant.

Careers to Follow in This Field

When you have completed this qualification, you will be able to work in the following careers:

  • Office administrator
  • Secretary
  • Typist
  • Management Assistant.


Gain Your Practical Work Experience

You can register on iWIL, offered by the DHET, to seek services there. They will match your profile among companies offering the Work Integrated Learning (WIL) or Workplace-Based Learning (WBL) services.

Please note that some of these services may not pay a salary or any form of compensation. The purpose of this is not to employ, but to assist you to get your National Diploma.

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Last updated: November 08, 2018

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