ICB Entrepreneurship Courses

Entrepreneurs are pioneers, innovators, leaders and inventors. They are at the forefront of technological and social movements – in their fields, in their forward thinking, in their desire to push the envelope. They are dreamers and most importantly – doers. ICB Entrepreneurship Courses will focus on teaching you these skills. In order to get started with our courses you will have to register with the ICB, as well as an accredited training provider. You can read more on the ICB here. For more information read the ICB prospectus page. 

Our ICB Entrepreneurship Courses

ICB National Certificate: Small Business Financial Management

An Accredited 12 month Course that equips you with the tools to be a successful small business owner as well as entrepreneur.

ICB Higher Certificate: Office Administration

An Accredited 24 Month course, that combines both Small Business Management and office Administration Subjects.

ICB National Diploma: Financial Accounting

An Accredited 36 month Course that covers both Entrepreneurship Subjects as well as Accounting elements of business.