ICB Courses

ICB courses are fully accredited business qualifications, with everything from Financial Accounting to Entrepreneurship courses. Registering for one of these courses will give you the skills needed to become a qualified accountant, or even start and run your own business. Read more on ICB here. For more information read the ICB prospectus page

ICB Courses

Our ICB Course

ICB Financial Accounting Courses

If you want to offer key bookkeeping and accounting skills, or become an accountant someday, this is the course for you!

ICB Small Business Management Courses

Business management deals with the planning and organising of all areas in the business.

ICB Entrepreneurship Courses

Entrepreneurs are pioneers, innovators, leaders and inventors. They are the leaders of technological and social movements.

ICB Office Administration Courses

Office administrators keep the wheels of an office turning. With these courses, you can learn about everything that leads to a smooth-running office.  

ICB Public Sector Accounting Courses

Public sector accounting is an accounting method used in central and local governments and other non-profit public sector entities.